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Vertical awnings Universal


Vertical anwings Universal

The UNIVERSAL vertical awning system comes with three different types of lateral guides, capable of shading almost every vertical surface. UNIVERSAL comes in a box version and in an open version.


More Details

UNIVERSAL is designed to fit in balconies, facades, pergolas and conservatories. The installation can be either on the wall or ceiling, depending on the structure.

The choice between aluminium guide rails, stainless steel wires and chrome steel rod guides, offers architects a wide range of options making UNIVERSAL a suitable vertical awnings for several uses.

Compact construction and an elegant box make this suitable for balconies and conservatories as well as serving as a design element in modern facade architecture.

UNIVERSAL awnings are operated by a gear - crank handle or an electric motor with remote control. Several units can be linked together. 

The wide range of colors and fabrics provides a wide range of choices for every application.


Please contact us for additional information or quotation 



min. 40 cm / max. 450 cm

min. 40 cm / max. 400 cm

3 (Beaufort 6 / 50 km)


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