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Box awnings Tendabox


Box awnings Tendobox

The Tendabox model is consisted of a totally protected box with modern design and solid materials. The awning can be installed to the wall, to the ceiling or with rafters. 


More details

Tendabox is used mostly in balconies, terraces and gardens. They stand out for the unique contemporary design and high quality of materials

The distictive, solid, protection box can be easily installed in almost any building. When the awning is retracted, the arms, the motor an the canvas are sealed inside the box, protected from dust, humidity and strong wind. 

This way the life of Tendabox is significantly prolonged.

The "rotating" brackets can be fixed to the wall or ceiling very fast and easy. They also provide a wide range of inclination.

Tendabox can be operated either manually or with electric motor. Automations like wind/sun sensor, remote control etc are also available upon request. 


Please contact us for additional information or quotation 



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