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Vertical awnings Metrobox


Vertical awnings Metrobox

METRO-BOX are drop-arm awnings that offer the ideal solution for providing shade for windows, balconies and facades.


More Details

The sloping cover allows an unobstructed view of the outside and good air circulation when the window is open. The projection angle is freely adjustable between 0° and 170°. This provides the ideal combination of sun protection and daylight at the same time, with just one product!.

The lateral aluminium drop arms with integrated spring elements, guarantee perfect tensioning of the cover and prevent it flapping in windy conditions.

Lateral guides with spring

The METRO model are supplied with or without protection box. Both models allow easy wall or top installation.

The wide range of colors and fabrics provides a wide range of choices for every application.


Please contact us for additional information or quotation 





min. 40 cm / max. 450 cm

*min. 50 cm / **max. 175 cm

3 (Beaufort 6 / 50 km)

* 0o - 90o / ** 0o - 150o


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