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Vertical awnings Ventosol


Vertical awnings Ventosol

VENTOSOL vertical awnings have a modern and solid design. Due to the wide range range of models, VENTOSOL is suitable for all types of facades.


More Details

The SIR (Soft Integrated Retaining System) that works likes a zip, secures the canvas inside the runners, and provides the system with additional stability. VENTOSOL awnings withstand wind up to 120 km/hour!

SIR System


VENTOSOL models are equipped with a counterweight system and electric motor as a standard. The box is self-standing and the whole system can be attached to the wall with different brackets.

The wide range of colors and fabrics provides a wide range of choices for every application.


Please contact us for additional information or quotation 





min. 95 cm / max. 600 cm

min. 95 cm / max. 700 cm

3 (Beaufort 6 / 50 km)

*max 30 sqm


Model VENTOSOL VM720/2

min. 85 cm / max. 700 cm

min. 50cm / max. 300 cm

4 (Beaufort 7 / 62 km)


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