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Retractable Shade Sails Maestrale


Retrctable shade sails Maestrale

Maestreale is a selfstanding shading system with four stainless steel pillars. Two of them are supporting the rolling tube, and the other two are adjusting the cnavas closure. 


More details

Manufactured to offer high end design and quality, Maestrale sail is characterised by the simple harmonic lines and transparent look blening easily in the environment.

Maestrale is produced in standard dimensions from 400x400 until 700x700 and every 50cm.

Made from 304 stainless steel, Libeccio can be manually or electrically retracted. Motor version is always escorted by a wind sensor. There is also the possibility or pre-fabricated teak floor with steel reinforvement, all made to measure.

Led lights integrated on the pole are also available upon request.


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