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Tensile Shades Flamingo


Tensile Shades Flamingo

Taking the name from the bird that stands on one foot, FLAMINGO tensile shades are a design and shade element based on two materials. Steel and fabric. The hot dip galvanized steel frame is combined with the fire retardant blackout canvas with astonishing results.


More details

FLAMINGO is launched in three different models, depending on the needs and design or each project. 

The product is not modular and offers architects and designers a wide range of options, serving also as a design element.

Installation is easy with the possibility to store and re-install if necessary.



Please contact us for additional information or quotation 




Mod. 400X400
Mod. 300X300 
Mod. 600X500

1. Unique design

2. Large dimensions

3. Insulating canvas

4. Self-standing in one pole

5. Steel structure





Technical details upon request