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Tensile Shades Tenshade


Tensile Shades Tenshade

TENSHADE is an advanced shading system, based on the tensile technology. The structure is is a combination of aluminium alloy ad hot dip galvanized steel with tensile canvas and stainless steel accessories. The result is incredible! 


More details

TENSHADE is a fixed tensioned pergola model, that offers a simple contemporary design, easy to blend in with the rest of design elements or the building. Is installed easily and it is ideal for open spaces, gardens, terraces and balconies.

TENSHADE comes in two models with two different versions.

High curve / Self-standing or to the wall

Low Curve / Self standing or to the wall

Important advantages are the dimensions. TENSHADE can reach a maximum width 500cm X maximun projection 1500cm per module!

The product is not modular and offers architects and designers a wide range of options, serving also as a design element.



Please contact us for additional information or quotation 









1. Unique design

2. Large dimensions

3. Insulating canvas

4. Self-standing or wall fix

5. Aluminium structure





Technical details upon request