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Fixed pergola Terrado


Fixed pergola Terrado

Pergola Terrado is made of robust, powdercoated aluminum profiles, covered by tempered or laminate glass, and it offering permanent protection from wind, rain snow and sun .It is avalible in three different models, depending on the demands of every project. Terrado is easy to install, due to specially designed brackets, and has many optionals such as additional shade, light system etc.



Multifuctional roof, idealfor reastaurants, cafes, hotels but also used in private sector for terraces and verandas.

Protects from sun, rain and snow.

Solid aluminum structure.

Possibility of integrated shading system.

Glass panels tempered or laminate.

Terrado is produced in three different models, with or without gutter.



Integrated shading system with electric motor and remote control.

Vertical shading system.

Vertical glass closure.


LED lights.


Please contact us for additional information or quotation 



Pergola Terrado


1. Integrated box awning

2. Glass panels

3. Automation (electric motor / sun-wind sensor)

4. LED lights

5. Vertical shading

6. Wooden floor 




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