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Bioclimatic pergola Maestro


Bioclimatic pergola Maestro

Bioclimatic pergola Maestro is a self-standing pergola with adjustable rotating blades. It's produced in modules (all made to measure) that can be adjusted one next to the other until we reach the desired dimension. 


More details

Pergola Maestro is a tailor-made, blade shading systems for protection from sun, rain and strong wind. It consist of an aluminum pergola structure and rotating blades up to 120o. Wind resistance can be over than 8 beaufort (values greater than Class 3 - UNI EN 13561).

The aluminum frame can support large dimensions to to its specially designed shape, so Maestro can be produced up to 700X700 with only 4 pillars for the self-standing model, without anything in the middle. This, and the fact that modules can be added one next to the other makes Maestro particularly competitive and certainly original, ideal to shade both private or commercial areas of any size.

The blades have an integrated gutter system that leads water to the sides, where it is drained through the vertical posts, to the ground.

The system is using a patented integrated gutter with drainage inside the frontal pillars , totally invisible. 

Pergotenda electric motor is a patented system, especially designed for Corradi in order to provide full and equal tension on the whole surface of the canvas.


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Bioclimatic pergola Maestro




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