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Mobile Awnings with box Boxmobil


Mobile awnings with box Boxmobil

Boxmobil mobile awning is made of two concrete portable foundations and two steel post where two box awnings are attached back to back make a double pitched roof. They are operated manually or with electric motor, separately or together. Boxmobil can cover areas over 50 sqm and are ideal for restaurants, cafes and hotels.


More details

Boxmobil awnings provide the easiest way to shade large areas effectively. The self-standing shading systems is ideal for Catering, pool bars etc.

The arms are protected and the fabric is protected inside the oval aluminum box and guarantees a long lasting product value.

On the ground, Boxmobil is attached either on concrete portable supports or just fixed directly to the ground.


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min. 210cm max. 662cm
min. 300cm max. 700cm
Class 3