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Mobile Awnings with arms Ombramobil


Mobile Awnings with arms Ombramobil

The mobile pair of arm awnings are offering ideal shading conditions for both private and commercial use. The reinforced arm are extended both awnings simultaneously. The are is properly shaded without any intermediate posts.


More details

Ombramobil OS3000, is a mobile double pitched awnings offering protection from sun, humidity and rain.

There is no middle post and the shading area is obstacle free.

Ombramobil has multiple uses. Can be installed in any open space, restaurants, cafes, and several private areas. The structure is portable and the installation - uninstallation is achieved in a very short time. 

The reinforced arm are extended both awnings simultaneously, when the canvas and the arms are protected by the integrated awning protection cover.

The awnings are attached on the ground either with concrete portable supports or elegant aluminum adjustable feet.


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min. 315cm max. 555cm
min. 300cm max. 450cm
Class 3