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Arm Awning Select / Stoboscope / Ombramatic


Arm awnings Select / Ombramatic / Stoboscope

A very compact model with triangular bar at the back to ensure a strong longlasting use. Especially designed to cover up to 72 sqm.

Additional characteristics: Ombramatic (with adjustable inclination contro), Volant Plus (vertical shading), Stoboscope (telescopic arm technology), electric motor etc.


More details

This compact arm awning can be use to cover terraces, balconies, restaurants etc.

The Select family is based on the very reliable triangular bar. This in addition to the multi purpose supports and specially designed arms, allow Select to reach a maximum width of 18m and a projection of 4m

Additional extras like awning protection cover, Select Ombramatic or Volant-Plus offer this model the possibility to meet all the shading demands.

Select Stoboscope is a unique model characterised by the telescoping arms that offer a perfect tensioning of the canvas.

Optional like electric motor (is standard for Select Stoboscope), wind/sun sensor and remote control are available in all Select models.


Please contact us for additional information or quotation 



Τέντα Select

Τεντα Select